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Mousei and Mumyou

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When life is darkest and nature is quiet, when no one is there to walk besides you and even your shadow cannot be found, what exactly is there left? Is there a reason to move on? To struggle and to fight? Are we ment to rebel against the night? To create our own light? Or just accept our reality, to let it overwhelm us, and to do what it wishes.

What is our place? What is our meaning? The answer is simple: there are no answers. Life has no reason, but that is the reason why we live. We search for an answer that doesn't exist, and end up losing our purpose.

Shadows make up the mind. According to Daoism, all that exists is the Dao, and we are all apart of something greater. Christianity says that the most important thing is love. Zen claims that we should abandon the self and give up everything, and we will find peace. Islam says that duty and purity lead one to paradise. Shinto looks to our ancestors and past in order to keep us from abandoning who we are. Judaism believes that faith and following allow for greatness.

They all put us in a role, in which we are nothing. That does not mean that we have no role, but our role is part of something greater. Why do we exist? We exist because all things exist. That is life. We must try to survive day to day, and maybe we shall never know why, but we will at least know there is something else.

Shadows are everwhere, but they are something. Open the mind and let them in and maybe they will illuminate themselves so they can be seen.