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Fri, Mar. 17th, 2006, 02:25 pm
Sex and Logic

Two things that rarely are together, here at last! Bask in my logical radiance. Bask I say.

Now onto the good stuff.



Its about a way to give abortions. Guess what? The safest way to give an abortion is to not have to do one! Hello, its called not humping.

Can you try that for once? Lets see, instead of going out and wasting five minutes that you normally do looking like idiots and giving it up to someone who is downright ugly, go and do something constructive with your time.

Sex is one of the worse things in the world. What does it do for you? Very little that you can't do with yourself while saving a lot of money and time. Hell, it mostly just shows how fat and ugly you truly are infront of someone else who is probably fat and ugly and just all around disgusting.

Yes, sex is the number one cause of fat people. Two fat people are pathetic and sad and think that if they have sex it would rationalize their miserable cake filled lives. Thus, they breed more fat kids and feed them cake.

End the fat people! Stop humping them! Without humping them you wont need abortions.

99% of people shouldn't be having sex, let alone reproducing! Do the world a favor and stop putting out.

Now, onto other things:


Hooray for deaths for easy women.

Yeah, I said it. Women on the pill are easy. Why else would you take something that prevents having a baby every day if you aren't either expecting sex to be random or actually quite frequent. Yes, promiscuity is pathetic and promiscuous people are really pathetic. Unless its rape, the woman is to blame. If women get pregnant its their responsibility to not. Its that simple.

Oh, and to really piss people off:


Documents that show how Saddam and the Iraqis admit to having WMDs and their level of involvement not only with bribing French government officials, but also with conspiring with al Queda.

Suck it.

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